Campfire Cooking

Photo by PJ Gal-Szabo

We love a good local burger or sausage, but how about upgrading your campfire cooking game with some new ideas of how to get those coals to take you to new heights of gastronomic genius! Check out these campfire cooking creations!

I came across North Wild Kitchen on Instagram and it’s worth following them alone for the breath-taking and atmospheric Scandinavian photography – the whole site is delicious, let alone the recipes! As a busy family, I’m a big fan of one-pot dishes, especially when camping. Their Fire-Style Fรฅrikรฅl (lamb & cabbage) is a national dish of Norway and no wonder! I’ve tried this and it’s everything you want from a simple campfire dish. Their Outdoor Skillet-Bread with Lamb and Pea Pesto (Bรฅlbrรธd med lam og erterpesto) is another easy winner which can be adapted to any topping of your choice or availability. Food By Natta is filled to the brim with delicious and easy outside cooking ideas as is Men with the Pot who have a cult following.

grilled meat on hanging grill basket

I was gifted Food and Fire by Marcus Bawdon which is jam packed with exciting outdoor and BBQ recipes, including cocktails from the grill – who knew! Really recommend a read and a follow on his Instagram.

Campfire Cooking Books
Both great reads for fans of Outdoor Cooking.

On the subject of one-pot meals, we had the most lovely family from both New Zealand and South Africa come to stay with us at Higher Pendeen and introduced me to the Potjie. With the fear of offending my family, I can honestly say it was the tastiest stew I’ve ever had, topped off with a good Red and even better company.

A traditional South African Potjie recipe, it was amazing.

We used the Outbacker Firebox Stove (which we have available to hire out) to slow cook, which is a natural accompaniment to relaxing and sharing stories under canvas or the stars. Their recipe was one that had been handed down through generations and included fresh vegetables and herbs from our campsite. Try this recipe from Briefly as an easy starter and adapt to taste.

Noodles also make a great one pot meal, try this healthy version of the ‘pot noodle’ by Fresh off the Grid.

Our Outbacker Outdoor Stove.

Campfire cooking can involve the whole family and these recipes from Active Kids are both easy and fun. The Strawberry S’mores are a genius twist on the traditional, we often have our own strawberries on site too! Get out with the Kids also offer a range of inspired, family-friendly recipes, along with equipment recommendations to get you started!

For Vegan Camping meal ideas, try Elizabeths Kitchen Middle Eastern Spiced Chickpeas as a starting point. Her Chocolate Orange Campfire Cakes can be adapted for both vegan and gluten-free requirements and so easy to prepare before you leave home.

Vegan Campfire Recipes: Middle-Eastern Spiced Chickpeas

The Adventure Bite is based in the USA, but many of their recipes are easy starters if new to campfire cooking. Having spent a lot of time with our ranching friends over there, the farmers’ breakfast is one not to miss to set you up for the day. We like to add peppers, cheese and a little hot sauce but it can be adapted to any taste. Fire pit manufacturers Walden have pulled together a good selection of fire pit friendly recipes and also have some tips on cooking outside.

Finally, we have to mention all the delicious local seafood that we have on offer. The Marine Stewardship Council has created a detailed review of sustainable shellfish and ideas for the fire or BBQ. Sainsbury’s have a mouth-watering recipe for fish with lemon and fennel (try our wild fennel!)

Recipe: Campfire roast fish with lemon and fennel

What’s more, we can arrange delivery of the best fresh local meat, fish and shellfish for you, in addition to helping you source any fruit, vegetables or herbs which your dishes may require. You can also check out our Campfire Cooking ideas on our Instagram highlight. We look forward to seeing your culinary creations! See you soon.

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