Green Therapy

Countryside views from the farm.

Now, more than ever, we have started to appreciate the value of being in the natural environment and its positive effect on mental health for all ages. Mind, the mental health charity state that nature can benefit people in the following ways:

  • improve your mood
  • reduce feelings of stress or anger
  • help you take time out and feel more relaxed
  • improve your physical health
  • improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • help you be more active
  • help you make new connections
  • provide peer support
Harvest on the farm and the short walk to the beach at Mawgan Porth.

During the winter months, life on the farm can be hard work, but it does mean we get outside in the fresh air each day. When the warmer months come that’s the time we can slow down a little and really appreciate being able to live on the land. We all feel the benefits of the exercise it provides, the Vitamin D we are exposed to, the satisfaction of growing crops. Lower blood pressure and stress levels are something we all need right now!

Re-wilding areas on the campsite with native species of plants, hedgerows and trees.

So, how about camping? Well, for a start, it’s the perfect excuse for a digital detox and connecting to others on a much more personal level. It can improve sleep by releasing Melatonin, using digital devices at bedtime can prevent this and lead to disturbed sleep patterns. Our location means you can re-boot your physical regime, as a car is rarely needed. Be it a gentle walk to the beach or a high octane surfing lesson, take it at your own pace. Camping in nature also presses the ‘reset’ button on the many stresses of everyday life. Our off gird site means that there is a slower pace, time to just ‘be’, time to be mindful and bath in nature ‘literally!’ Sleeping under the stars whilst hearing the sound of the waves crashing is wonderfully soothing.

Studies have also shown that spending time around animals lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Come and enjoy ours.

Being outdoors can reawaken your senses, and where better than in the Cornish coastal countryside which is brimming with natural elements. The Mental Health Foundation has created a fabulous guide entitled ‘Thriving with Nature‘ which is free to download and gives you ideas of how to support your mental well-being in natural spaces.

Time away from the ‘normal’ is precious and we are here to help you reset and restore. We hope to see you soon.

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