Autumn Camping Essentials

Autumn camping really does share the spoils when it comes to enjoying some of the best of Cornwalls’ offerings. Uncrowded beaches, warmest sea temperatures, starry nights and hospitality is still pumping out some of the best eating and drinking experiences in the country. To make the most of your September and October camping experiences (and looking forward to Spring camping), we’ve got together with other independent campsite owners to offer some suggestions of how to ensure you are prepared for a simply sensational season:

Food – “Forgeable (with advice) or locally sourced autumn foods and camping friendly recipes which include them” (remember our veg basket and Campfire Cooking Blog!) Elly from Dewslake Farm Camping

Photo Credit – Dimitry Zub

Layers – days can still be rather warm to say the least, while the longer nights can cool down considerably. Make sure you bring enough layers for both ends of the spectrum, including waterproofs. “Hot water bottles (and/or) hand warmers are a must! Layers and a woolly hat.” Josephine from Wild Heart Hill “For comfort wear thin thermal layers against the skin and fleecy outer layers. Make sure your night wear isn’t too tight as this will reduce the insulation they provide. A hat is a good addition as a lot of your body heat is lost through your head. Don’t be tempted to put your head inside your sleeping bag because your breath creates condensation which can ultimately make you colder throughout the night. Finally, warm fleecy socks and even gloves will help significantly and ensure that you are toasty warm all night long.” Redshoot Camping Park

Photo Credit – Hannah Morris

Laundry Bags – wet clothes are no fun, so bring a waterproof bag to keep wet clothes in separate from the rest of your gear. We are lucky to have our poly tunnel for fresh veg, but it also doubles as a really useful solar drying room if you do need to air anything out.

Ventilation – “Although you may feel that opening your ventilation flaps will make your tent colder, the opposite is in fact true. By keeping your tent ventilated, you can reduce the dampness and condensation thereby keeping you and the inside of your tent dryer – which keeps you warmer throughout the night. Also equally important is that you keep yourself from sweating. If you wake up and notice that you are sweating … remove some layers to keep dry.” Red Shoot Camping Park

Bell Tents and Beds – try one of our Bell Tents with ‘proper’ beds and mattresses to save daylight hours erecting or putting down a tent and use that time to relax and enjoy yourself! “The mattress is important but what’s underneath makes all the difference, rugs galore for any bare surface underfoot, space blanket underneath to retain heat and I would say a decent mattress, avoiding blow up mattresses where possible!” Bea from Wowo Campsite

Bedding – A good three or four season sleeping bag will keep you toasty, or if bringing your own bedding for our Bell Tents, bring a higher tog rated duvet and a hot water bottle! “Snug sleeping bag to contain the heat rather than big and baggy.” Five Acres Caravan and Camping Site

Make the most of the cooler weather – “Clear crisp skies for star gazing, camp fires, hot toddies!” Carol from Dipple Farm Camping

Photo Credit – Hannah Morris

Fire – Make the most of our fire pits or our Firebox outdoor stove on an evening to warm next to and bring a blanket or throw to take cosy to the next level! Hot drinks and meals before bed time can also raise your body temperature, perfect around the fire!

See you soon!

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