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Beth (from Bristol in case you haven’t guessed), is a talented and inspiring food and travel explorer who documents her experiences through her colourful and diverse Instagram personal Blog which I strongly recommend anyone with similar interests follow here.

The Background:

We first met fabulous Beth quite a few years ago when she would stay locally in Mawgan Porth and visit our own Organic Farm Shop. As Beth was so passionate about her cooking ingredients, we spent some time showing her around the farm and vegetable garden and kept in touch with each other a little over social media.

Up early to see the spring sunrise.

When our parents decided to retire and close the shop, we also looked at how we could diversify the farm and what was the vegetable garden morphed into what is now our campsite, although we kept one poly tunnel and a smaller vegetable garden to grow produce for our lovely guests.

Each of our pitches comes with a fire pit and grill.

Beth was very interested in the changes and was due to visit… and then, none of us went very far for a couple of years.

Books chosen by Beth for her camping visit.

This year Beth was able to come and visit and we were excited to see what culinary creations she was going to create on the campfire. Beth selected three books to choose her recipes from, all perfect for campfire cooking, which were:

Chasing Smoke by @honeyandco

Camper Van Cooking by @5oclockapron

Foolproof BBQ by @genevieveeats

Cooking potatoes in embers is a great and tasty method on the campfire.

Beth also spent time learning to cook over fire with Bristol Fire School. There should definitely be more of these around, lucky Bristol!

The Results:

Baked sweet potatoes with almond tahini and smoked almonds from Chasing Smoke.
One Pan Breakfast from Camper Van Cooking.
Beth included lots of Cornish produce in her cooking including our coloured Legbar eggs.

So if you feel inspired after taking a look at Beths’ repertoire and recommended reading, we’d love to see what our guests can create on the campfire. Don’t forget you can pre-order eggs, local meat and we have our own vegetables and herbs in season.

All photo credits @bethfrombristol

Keep an eye out for our next Blog about local experiences to enhance your holiday!

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