Self Care Camping

Photo by Chelsea Gates

People have many different perceptions of what makes the perfect holiday and each one is correct! My mother always told me ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and she was not wrong. A change of scenery, a change of pace, a change in the senses, a change of routine, trying something new, all takes us away from the every day and give us a chance to recharge and restore.

At Higher Pendeen Camping we can help you arrange the perfect vacation, from adventurous activities and delicious dining to holistic therapies. We will shine the spotlight on the latter here.

Beach Fit: We all know a workout releases endorphins and makes us feel pretty damn good, but have you ever worked out on the beach or in the open countryside? It elevates exercise to a whole new level! Local business Get Your Fix Cornwall can offer our guests Beach Fitness, Yoga and Meditation in either Bootcamp, Personal Training or Group/Tent sessions.

Meditation: Yoga Nidra with Kate, another local instructor, are the most relaxing meditation sessions I’ve ever experienced! Practised lying down, Total Yoga Nidra can deeply heal and relax. A lovely safe space to let go and drop into stillness. Either in your tent or a quiet corner of the farm, as well as classes in the Village hall (right next to the beach), you are bound to find inner peace

Photo by Amy Treasure

Massage: Highly qualified Yoga by Anna provides a range of Yoga sessions for all members of the family (including children) and is able to also offer Massage Treatments here on site. Total relaxation in a natural environment for your escape from the everyday.

So why not contact us to help arrange your perfect self care extras and really make the most of your vacation. See you soon.

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