Eyes to the skies

At Higher Pendeen Camping, our guests are always commenting about how delighted they are to be able to see so many stars under the nights’ sky. We were conscientious since our inception of the impact of light pollution on our wildlife, local environment and neighbours, which is why we only have solar lights and a low light policy after sunset.

The Dark Sky movement is gathering pace globally, here in Cornwall we have Bodmin Moor which is designated an International Dark Sky Landscape and hot on its heels is the proposal of the West Cornwall International Dark Sky Reserve.

Shooting stars, comets, satellites, the ISS, planets, constellations, the Milky Way, all clearly visible with the human eye from our little site. It’s pretty special to take time out and look to the skies before bed. A great article from Ontario Parks quotes about the health benefits of Dark Skies; “Being exposed to artificial light at night breaks the circadian clock, while being in the darkness resets it. When camping, the darkness is actually helping our circadian clock function more naturally. A better circadian clock means a better sleep, which contributes to better overall health.”

All images here are taken by ourselves on our phones, no fancy photography. We hope they capture the essence of a clear night camping with ourselves and look forward to sharing it with you.

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