Off Grid Camping

If you are new to off grid camping, but want to embrace it like a boss, we’ve put together a top tip list to help!

Firstly though, why choose ‘Off Grid Camping’ and why are some sites without electric?

Off Grid Camping Bell Tent

Well, the simplest reasons camp sites are off grid is that they can be in remote and beautiful locations which have strict planning and development rules, and to add an electric supply can be very costly at installation. For some, it’s a choice or a combination of both in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint or to keep the integrity of the landscape. As a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism being carbon neutral is very important to us.

Deserted Rock Beach in between cliffs

If you’ve read our blog ‘Reclaim the canvas‘, you’ll see that our background has always been camping off grid. I wouldn’t know what to do with an electric supply if I had one! Now, I’m not going to judge those that do – some of my best friends do look for sites with electric and they have their own reasons for that. We often have a good laugh over our campsite preferential differences and include it with a big dollop of political argument while we’re in that space – jokes. I like to be a little wild, a little reliant on my resilience against the elements, I like adventure. When we were growing up, I’d often be off on horseback with an OS map, whilst my friends were bigger fans of civil society.

We often have lovely guests who are actually part of a wider party, some of which chose to stay in more traditional holiday accommodation in Mawgan Porth, and some of which chose to stay with us, but they all abandon their abodes and gather around our campfires if the opportunity arises!

Camp Fire Higher Pendeen Camping

So, let’s get to it. How do we survive and thrive without electric at Higher Pendeen Camping?

Now, we have some of our regular gorgeous guests who are so kitted out for off grid camping they could survive a nuclear winter. Solar panels, gas fridges, you name it, they know their stuff. But if you are new to off grid camping, or just with us for a quick stay, you may not want that investment, so here’s a few tips that you can confidently use to ‘find your wild’.

  • Food and Drink – Most guests bring their own camp stoves and use a combination of that and our firepits with grills to cook their food on or heat water, including for washing up when they are not eating out. To keep food and drinks cool we advise bringing a cool box and we can re-freeze a small amount of ice blocks daily. There are local shops within walking distance and a short drive for larger stores. We can also arrange for delivery from the butcher and keep a small amount of local frozen meat essentials on site in addition to eggs.
  • Toilets and Showers – We have a lovely compost toilet and a hot gas shower.
  • Laundry – Our Bell Tents come with washing lines for drying hand washed or wet clothes.
  • Electronic Devices – Most guests bring their own power packs, but we also hire out our own should any run out. We use solar power for lighting, guests also bring torches and lanterns.
  • Keeping the Kids Entertained – If your children are the famous five types (or they would benefit from a digital detox), we have miles of beach, public footpaths and bridleways. When our hay has been cut they can use the fields to play in (no ball games on the actual site please) and we also have an exciting new adventure addition this year for the young ones – more to come about that soon!
  • Travel/Transport – There is a regular bus route just a short walk at the beach which extends to Newquay, Padstow and further afield. It also follows the South West Coast path should you chose to walk one way and ride the other.
  • Wet Weather – It’s inevitable when camping that there’s the risk of wet weather, but with the right clothes, it shouldn’t slow your adventures down. We can also dry wet clothing in our polytunnel if needed. There is a range of wet weather activities locally to keep all ages busy.
Wild Adventures Boy Running Through Fields with Fishing Net

So, what are the benefits of being ‘Off Grid’?

Well, the obvious is that there’s no extra electric costs, but there is also the lack of light pollution, quiet nights, the knowledge you are being a sustainable tourist with a small carbon footprint, the wildlife and the satisfaction of slowing down and being mindful. You can notice the little things and experience the satisfaction of being self sufficient, living off grid, if only for a week or so.

If Off Grid Camping sounds your kind of thing, then get in touch – we’d love to meet you!

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